23-24 Okt 2024

in Hallein, Salzburg

Österreichs zentrales Event

für klimaneutrale Sanierung


Moving Village

eingereicht von Team: Kay Jansen

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Kurze Beschreibung

We aim to transform old train sheds into a vibrant living and community space, creating an unique small village. Our concept focuses on re-using these historical structures as the foundation for a sustainable and innovative approach to a dynamic living, working and community life. Old, but still functional coaches or wagons will be up for sale for people to restore and upcycle these into mobile spaces, for living, working, child day care or other functions for a village worth living in.

The train sheds will be transformed into living spaces by reusing these tracks with the added feature of being able to move around the rail network in Europe (and maybe even further). The old wagons will be renovated and transformed into tiny houses that can travel on the tracks, creating an unique and flexible way of living.

To further enhance the concept, an extra level will be built on stilts and ramps, providing more living space while preserving the existing architecture of the train sheds. This will allow for a seamless integration of new and old, while providing a dynamic living experience. These more stationary spaces will be more public, here people will find, besides the permanent houses, they will also find more cafes, co-workingspaces


Building with less building materials, exploring new ways of living, reconnecting people


Transforming old trainsheds and stations into hubs where people who want to live in trains and travel all over europe, can live and call their home for X amount of time. The watertight structure is already there. Old train wagons are going to be refurbished by their new inhabitans.


Nachverdichtung because these trainstations are mainly placed in dense urban areas, but are barren now. Simple, cheap and easy to transform into my project goals.

Adressierte Innovationsfelder

Digitale Datenbasis
Multifunktionale, klimaneutrale Gebäudehülle
Erneuerbare und klimaneutrale Energieversorgung
Nutzer*innenintegration/ Prozessbegleitung
Baukultur/New European Bauhaus.

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